Welcome to Nying Drod
The Nying Drod - Warm Heart project is a project of the Nangten Menlang Buddhist Medical Center, which was founded by the venerable Tulku Lobsang. The project began in 2004 and remains under Tulku-la's patronage. It is currently supported by nine countries - Belgium, Austria, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, United States, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and Norway.

Nying Drod - Warm Heart, with your help, improves the living condition of the Tibetan people in China. It does this by receiving donations from individuals and using this money to provide direct support to those in need. You can sponsor the education of a child, contribute to medical care for the sick and support elderly people without a family, as well as help with the basic expenses of monks in a monastery in India.

Tulku-la named the project Nying Drod - Warm Heart because supporting it fills our hearts with warmth. When you enable a child to attend school it not only improves the future prospects for the child, but is also a blessing and benefit for the whole family. With your support, a bridge will be created between those who desire to help and those in need. Many will benefit.