The Children's Education Project
In 2004, Tulku Lobsang founded the Nying Drod - Warm Heart Project to help children receive a much-deserved education. The project remains under his patronage. At this time, mainly children in the region of Sichuan province, formerly Amdo, are being supported. The children are now sponsored by supporters from America, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland and Norway. With your sponsorship, you are helping to build a bridge across continents. The donations are used to cover the tuition for education. Nangten Menlang guarantees that all donations are being used exclusively according to that purpose.
Nangten Menlang
Nangten Menlang - Buddhist Medical Center, which oversees the Nying Drod Project, was originally founded by Tulku Lobsang in India. Nangten Menlang is dedicated to supporting the cultural exchange between Tibetans and the West.
School education provides a better future for a country and its inhabitants.
€ 135,- per year is enough to support a child to attend the local school. With this, you are not only supporting the child, but you are securing a way out of poverty for the whole family.
Nying Drod means compassion through action.
100% of all donations reach the children, elderly or monks according to the dedicated purpose of the donation. All organizers of the Nying Drod - Warm Heart project work purely as volunteers. All administrative costs are covered by separate donations or income. The money donated for the children's scholarships reaches the sponsored child completely.
Contacting the sponsored children
The Nying Drod - Warm Heart project cannot provide any direct contact to the children. It will not be possible to send letters or presents to the children and no visits are possible. We regret not being able to provide such direct contact. Thank you for your understanding.

If you are interested in a sponsorship, please send us an e-mail. If you would like to speak with us directly, please find the address and telephone number under the contact menu.